Targeted Advertising

We guarantee the best results by identifying your target demographic through extensive research.

In-person Marketing

Rather than impersonal digital advertisements, our direct approach delivers 'the personal touch'.

Lead Generation

We generate quality leads, following up prospects and turning them into paying customers.

Customer Acquisition

We acquire quality customer acquisitions by personalizing the consumer experience.

Brand Loyalty

Your brand loyalty will soar after our friendly and professional team build consumer confidence.

Campaign Development

Our campaigns are thoroughly tested to achieve maximum impact upon launch.


Accurate reporting

You'll receive regular detailed reports of your campaign's performance and progress.

Immediate Changes

We test our campaigns and can implement a series of changes to generate the best results.


With us you only need to pay for the results we generate, making it a win-win solution!

Tailored Campaigns

Our tailored campaigns guarantee maximum exposure for your product or service.



We are Machulin Marketing, customer acquisition specialists and experts in dealing with people. We offer tailor-made marketing solutions, strategically designed to increase market share.


We offer a range of marketing services that are proven to generate the best results possible instantly, all for a competitive price. Contact us today to find out more!


In the ever evolving marketing world, we keep our finger on the pulse by consistently conducting competitor analysis to ensure you are always one step ahead.


Our direct approach is what gives us the edge over our competitors. We execute confident, transparent and professional marketing services, delivering quality and quantity customer acquisitions.

Our Business Development Program

At Machulin Marketing we are incredibly fortunate to operate in an industry that has limitless possibilities. By providing the one thing that every company needs, customers, our business is recession proof.

What is it?

One of the things we pride ourselves on is being able to offer everyone that comes through our doors the opportunity to better themselves. Regardless of education or experience, we provide everyone with the same chance to learn, grow and prosper. Our business development program is at the heart of our business. Essentially an accelerated learning program, we give participants the opportunity to learn and master skills that would normally take years in most other companies. We are unique! Unlike many companies who have a lot of talented people but no opportunities for them to progress, at Machulin Marketing we have an abundance of opportunities for people looking to take the next step in their career.

What does it cover?

Our business development program teaches all aspects of our business fundamentals including: Administration, HR and Finance, Client Relations, Sales and Marketing strategies, Public and Motivational speaking, Team Leadership and Project Management. Participants will have a personal mentor as well as access to incredible networking links with some of the top professionals within the marketing and sales industry in the US.

Who is it for?

The program is the perfect fit for graduates looking to put into practice what they have learned studying. It is aimed at those individuals with a good business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to learn.


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