Business Professionals are always being encouraged to widen their network and form new connections, but does this process help them on their professional journey? Machulin’s Marketing has launched a definitive investigation.

Entrepreneurs are often on the lookout for networking opportunities as it has been widely promoted as a great chance to gain business contacts and broaden industry knowledge. Machulin’s Marketing are investigating whether there is a physical advantage to be achieved through relentless networking events.  With contradicting reports emerging CEO of Machulin’s Marketing is keen to expose some of the main flaws in approach to networking, to ensure maximum effectiveness:

Often networkers are eager to segment their new business contacts, into prospects and non-prospects.  The management team is confident this flaw in approach will reduce the effectiveness of networking opportunities.  Instead, he advises considering the six degrees of separation theory and understanding how a complex network can be an advantage if managed correctly.  As personal networks expand, as do the secondary links to a network, this in future could prove beneficial for businesses looking to achieve referrals by association.

Often networking can become a quick grab opportunity to secure as many business cards as possible, and this can be a fruitless task if upon return these contacts bear no significance to the current business model.  Management advises approaching the event with the mindset of finding individuals who can benefit from personal industry knowledge and develop a relationship on the grounds of mutual gain and respect.

A final point from the CEO, networking can be time-consuming, and with no guaranteed return, it is, therefore, important to be selective.  He advises pre-selecting networking events ahead of time.  Ensuring that post event the overall success rate is assessed and stored to determine if the resource event should be revisited in the future.

Based in Tampa, Machulin’s Marketing is an outsourced direct sales and marketing company that raises brand awareness on behalf of their clients by promoting and selling their products and services. Over the past few years, Machulin’s Marketing has become one of Tampa’s market leaders in their industry due to their unique method to acquire new customers.

Machulin’s Marketing urge business leaders to educate their teams on how to master networking to ensure the opportunity to enhance connections isn’t wasted.,  Forbes Magazine