99.9% of the time, an entrepreneur is going to face some sort of criticism; it is often an unavoidable consequence of putting themselves ‘out there’. Machulin Marketing’s Managing Director Johnny Paniagua believes that this is not always a bad thing and has shared how entrepreneurs can utilise criticism to their advantage.

It’s rare for an entrepreneur to not be exposed to some level of criticism during their career journey. Succeeding as an entrepreneur requires an individual to not only come up with new, often risky ideas, but to shout these ideas from the rooftops and gain as much exposure as possible in order to generate a strong following of supporters, investors and potential customers. However, by making themselves and their ideas visible entrepreneurs are bound to come under fire from people who do not share their way of thinking, and this criticism has the potential to drag them down and destroy their drive.

However Florida based Machulin Marketing believe that it’s not all doom and gloom when it comes to receiving criticism as an entrepreneur. By adopting certain mind sets and building positive mental habits the firm believe that entrepreneurs will not only be able to cope with criticism, but actually use it to their advantage.

The firm have outlined some of their favourite metal coping mechanisms below.

Consider the Source

If an entrepreneur receives criticism from an influential and respected source, such as a fellow business owner or expert in their industry then this poses the perfect opportunity for them to delve a little deeper and open up the floor for advice and guidance. However if the source is an anonymous online commenter or troll, it’s often best to let it go and not dwell on it.

Focus on what is Controllable

Hoping critics will go away is a waste of time and mental energy. Instead, entrepreneurs should accept that criticism is just part of the journey and that all innovative changes are subject to it. Focusing on the bigger picture and controllable factors such as providing an exceptional service can help an entrepreneur stay on track and rise above the doubters.

Examine Behavior

It’s been scientifically proven that those who dread criticism are often quick to judge others themselves. If an entrepreneur is feeling plagued by criticism, Machulin Marketing suggest that they take an honest look at their own behaviors to see if they are contributing to the problem by having a cynical and critical outlook themselves.

Be Vulnerable

This may seem counterproductive when dealing with criticism, but embracing vulnerability allows an entrepreneur to be more open to creativity. Being defensive and closing off may mean that criticism hurts less, but it also prevents innovation, growth and the ability to form connections which can but the breaks on an entrepreneurs journey and development.

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