Fort Lauderdale’s freshest direct marketing firm, Machulin Marketing, has revealed the five things which are ruining some business’ customer experience and has revealed how to fix the problems before it’s too late.

Machulin Marketing believes that ensuring every consumer has a positive customer experience is vital for a business if they are hoping to encourage brand loyalty and see customers return to the business. Consumers who have a great customer experience every time they visit a brand are likely to remain loyal to the brand, but also more likely to recommend the business to their friends and family; which in turn also attracts new customers. Having a bad customer experience can be potentially damaging for a brand because they could not only lose one customer but other customers who hear about the bad experience.

Machulin Marketing has revealed the five things which businesses are currently doing to kill their customer experience and how to fix the problem:

They only get serious about customer service when executives get escalations

Machulin Marketing believes that if companies only get serious about customer services when senior executives get emails from customers then this could be a huge downfall. This tactic means that the business is not preparing for the long-term and is reacting as opposed to acting to make a situation better. The firm recommends implementing a customer service strategy from the start and making sure the right steps are in place to handle complaints.

The marketing department doesn’t involve customer service in social media engagement

“Consumers use social media to ask questions and to find out more about your brand. If you’re not responding to these answers, or your marketing department doesn’t have the knowledge to respond correctly, you are failing these consumers,” highlights Machulin Marketing. The firm believes that wonderful things happen when customer service is put in charge of social media. Customer service has the mechanism to engage with these customers. Machulin Marketing recommends that CEOs should allocate social media to the customer service team, and not just give it to the marketing department because they have previously handled “communication.” Social media is different.

You don’t empower your agents to make exceptions

A major issue with customer service is that businesses tend to provide customer service agents with little training, few tools and no power. Machulin Marketing believes this is a huge mistake as the most important people in any business – the customers – are getting in touch with customer service. Agents need to be able to think and speak for themselves. “You could teach your agents how to respond in 10 different scenarios, but what happens when there is an 11th scenario?” asks Machulin Marketing. The firm believes that there is variation in customer service reactions and that the customer service process should allow for these variations.

You don’t value people in customer service

The experience of staff has a huge impact on the customer experience. “If you aren’t treating your workers with respect, then they will show the same attitude to customers,” points out Machulin Marketing. “If you are a company that doesn’t value its staff then you may as well quit now,” says the firm. The reason for this is that these businesses won’t be able to compete with companies that do understand the power of a strong company culture.

You don’t train your customer service agents to be generally awesome

Businesses and CEOs need to maintain a mentality of wealth. They must share their knowledge with others, act generously and be giving and compassionate. Businesses need their customer service agents to feel that wealthy mentality, because in today’s competitive marketplace brands need to create and give things that extend beyond their direct product or service. Agents need to be able to engage with the customer even if the topic goes off-script.

Machulin Marketing specialize in direct marketing campaigns because they believe that direct marketing creates a personal connection between brand and consumer as well as offering a great customer experience. The firm uses face-to-face marketing techniques to connect with consumers on behalf of their clients’ brands. They believe the one-to-one connections leads to long-lasting relationships between brand and consumers as well as leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.