Machulin Marketing are a young and ambitious customer acquisition firm based in Tampa, Florida. They are an exciting start-up that have incredible development opportunities for people to get their foot on the career ladder.

The firm recently revealed some exclusive details about their business development program and they type of people they are looking to join.

At Machulin Marketing one of the things they pride themselves on is being a development business. They provide everyone that comes through their doors the opportunity to grow personally and professionally and to reach their full potential through their business development program.

“At Machulin Marketing we are incredibly fortunate to operate in an industry that has limitless possibilities. By providing the one thing that every company needs, customers, our business is recession proof” said a spokesperson for the firm.

The firms business development program is the focal point of their business. Essentially an accelerated learning program, it provides participants with the opportunity to learn and master skills that would normally take years to learn in most other companies. Unlike many companies who have a lot of talented people but no opportunities for them to progress, at Machulin Marketing they have an abundance of opportunities for people looking to take the next step in their career and simultaneously help the company to grow. The program teaches all aspects of the firms business fundamentals including: Administration, HR and Finance, Client Relations, Sales and Marketing strategies, Public and Motivational speaking, Team Leadership and Project Management. Participants receive a personal mentor as well as access to incredible networking links with some of the top professionals within the marketing and sales industry in the US. The program is the perfect fit for graduates looking to put into practice what they have learned studying. It is aimed at those individuals with a good business acumen, entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to learn.

While the firm doesn’t pre-judge on education or experience as everyone starts at the ground level, the idea people who excel are ambitious, driven, have a good student mentality and strong work ethic.

Machulin Marketing specialize in customer acquisition using in-person promotions. They believe it is their direct and personalized approach that creates a personal connection between brand and consumer as well as offering a great customer experience. Meeting with customer’s in-person lets them connect with consumers on behalf of their clients’ brands. They believe the one-to-one connections leads to long-lasting relationships between brand and consumers as well as leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.