As a rapidly expanding firm Tampa-based direct sales and marketing company Machulin Marketing frequently talent scout, and they have found that looking beyond a resume has helped them to hire the right people to take their business forward.

Peter Schultz once said “Hire character, train skill,” and Managing Director at Machulin Marketing, thoroughly supports that statement.

At Machulin Marketing, they believe that you can’t ascertain a candidate’s suitability based on a piece of paper. How someone comes across in person, their goals and their personality is often more important for identifying the right people for the role. Machulin’s Marketing conducts an extensive three-stage recruitment process. The preliminary appointment process is a brief and informal one on one interview. This is in place to allow the firm to meet candidates in person, assess their personality and goals for the future and determine whether they could be a potential match. Those successful in round one are then invited to attend an observation day, which consists of a full day shadowing one of the firm’s brand ambassadors to experience first hand the role and responsibilities and what a typical day working with Machulin’s Marketing would involve. It is also a comprehensive interview with regular tasks set throughout the day to allow the firm to assess candidates on three key areas; work-ethic, student mentality and information retention.

The observation day is also an opportunity to explain to candidates more about the clients Machulin’s Marketing work with, progression opportunities and where they could potentially fit in. Depending on the recommendation from the brand ambassador, candidates will then be invited to meet with Managing Director, or one of the firm’s high-level management team for a final interview. 

Through this intensive interview process, Machulin Marketing have regularly found that those with the best resume are often not the individuals best suited to the roles. Therefore, the firm is urging companies to forget traditional recruitment methods and look beyond the resume to hire people not paper.

“Many people perform better face to face, and can demonstrate their skills and attributes” said Management. 

Based in Tampa, Machulin Marketing is an outsourced direct sales and marketing company that raises brand awareness on behalf of their clients by promoting and selling their products and services. Over the past few years, Machulin’s Marketing has become one of Tampa’s market leaders in their industry due to their unique method to acquire new customers. The firm work with a diverse group of individuals from a variety of educational and occupational backgrounds and they are urging companies to adopt their approach to recruitment by hiring people not paper. 

SOURCE:  Forbes Magazine