The millennial generation has changed the way we see entrepreneurship, and sales firm Machulin Marketing points out that entrepreneurship is now a necessity and not just a luxury.

Machulin Marketing is confident that as a career choice, entrepreneurship has become far more than a luxury for those with a creative mindset and access to lots of money, entrepreneurship has become a necessity. The conventional ways in which the younger generation seek employment are no longer adequate in the societies in which we live, highlights Machulin Marketing. Unemployment rates among young people are between twice to four times as high as those of adults. The sales firm believe that this is down to the recent global financial crisis and a broken job market. This is having a huge impact on the way young people start their careers; today’s youths realize that they are responsible for their own success and not traditional employment sectors. Many of today’s youths are turning to entrepreneurship to create their livelihoods and kick start successful careers.

However, Machulin Marketing recognize that this must be facilitated by an environment that recognizes entrepreneurship as a viable career choice. The firm believes that when entrepreneurship is treated as enterprise, it can be taught to help young men and women develop new skills and experiences that can be applied to many other challenges in life. The firm are confident that entrepreneurship would be a huge success if it was taught in schools from a young age because entrepreneurship education is direct to students pursuing any field of study, and promoting the development of entrepreneurism towards actualizing their own ventures regardless of their career aspirations.

The firm believes that a safe environment within schools should be created where youths are given the opportunity to develop their skills and be guided on entrepreneurial education and development. This should include: how to harness resources, and take advantage of opportunities, create sustainable solutions to problems; take risks and participate in rewards, states Machulin Marketing.

Machulin Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Fort Lauderdale. The firm specializes in a unique form of direct marketing whereby they connect with consumers on a personal level, on behalf of their clients’ brands. By connecting with consumers face-to-face the firm are able to truly understand their needs and provide the best options from their clients’ services. This often creates long-lasting and personal business connections between brand and consumer as well as generates increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

Machulin Marketing offers support and development opportunities to aspiring entrepreneurs through their Business Development Program. The program is a learning opportunity for business professionals to experience a working environment whilst developing skill sets to turn them into successful entrepreneurs. Machulin Marketing coaches individuals in areas such as sales, leadership, management, financing, and other business techniques to ensure they have the best shot at success when opening their own business.