Use Osterwalder’s Formula to Improve Productivity Say Machulin Marketing

Every business needs a spring clean once in a while in order to stay fresh and up-to-date explains Machulin Marketing. The firm recommends using Osterwalder’s 9-piece formula for best results.

Successful entrepreneurs are masters at perfecting their business strategy and stay ahead of competitors. In a constantly changing environment, it is crucial that business owners clean up on a regular basis and concentrate on what is needed to drive the business forward, says Machulin Marketing, an outsourced event marketing company based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Since its implementation, the firm has benefited greatly from using Osterwalder’s formula. Machulin Marketing are recommending this formula towards implementing an effective spring clean to other business owners in order to drive productivity and sales.

The Osterwalder’s formula consists of a nine-piece business canvas to segment what activities may be required for entrepreneurs to successfully clean up and effectively achieve business growth.

  1. Key Partners

Machulin Marketing agree, entrepreneurs must consistently seek for business partners that are right for their business. Nostalgia for the early stages of the business should not hold them back if their partner cannot handle the increasing demand.

  1. Key Activities

Business priorities change and should be re-evaluated on a regular basis to ensure the firm’s business model is able to fulfill its full potential.

  1. Key Resources

The spring clean provides a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to think about their facilities, people, technology and communication systems. Machulin Marketing recommends investing some time to think about current resources to ensure entrepreneurs can get the most out of their business.

  1. Cost Structure

Fixed and variable costs of a business are likely to change with increasing business growth. It is crucial to rethink priorities to prevent the business from unnecessary spending.

  1. Value Proposition

Machulin Marketing point out that there is always room for improvement. In fact, the constantly changing market should encourage business owners to react accordingly in order to remain competitive.

  1. Customer Relationships

It is important for entrepreneurs to consistently work on building relationships with customers. “It is inevitable to acquire new customers and maintain existing ones. No customers, no business,” say Machulin Marketing.

  1. Channels

With the amount of distribution channels available, businesses must choose wisely how they market their brand. Machulin Marketing says businesses must ensure they are sending the same message throughout all channels they use in order to get the most out of them.

  1. Customer Segments

Customer habits change. Therefore businesses must evaluate their customer base and buying behaviors on a regular basis to ensure they remain loyal and do not look elsewhere.

  1. Revenue Streams

Looking for new revenue streams is essential for a business. Nevertheless, it is important not to neglect current areas of the business.

Entrepreneurial housekeeping is vital for businesses to guarantee long-term health for the business and effectively seek out new opportunities to grow the business. Machulin Marketing have made it their habit to conduct spring-cleans in order to drive productivity and boost their clients’ ROI.

Based in Tampa, Machulin Marketing is an outsourced event marketing firm that acquires new customers for their clients. The firm raises brand awareness and promotes and sells their clients’ products and services. Due to their success, the firm has been asked by their clients to represent them in two further markets by June 2016. Plans to expand overseas are also currently under discussion.